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Sophisticated and practical: individual, target orientated, integrated and appropriate.

The planning service from Nitz Engineering comprises, at its heart, of a sophisticated system vision leading to a concrete concept. Practical and instantly implemented, the product works as an individual part and also as part of a network. The current rules and norms are considered during the initial planning phase.

Preliminary planning

In the initial planning phase the existing situation is analysed, the technical feasibility is tested and a cost estimate is carried out. Diverse laboratory project studies help the analysis of workflow and processes. The exact analysis of the processes and all relevant influencing factors enable the definition of needs, focus areas and primary and secondary functions.

Detailed Planning

The user interfaces are organised for users according to ergonomic and occupational psychology principles and the room is optimised for work and material flow. It involves detailed planning of work surfaces, laboratory furniture, space requirements, media requirements, cable management, cooling and vents. Interfaces for energy and utilities, networking and automation technology are optimally integrated into the equipment. Nitz Engineering packages your requests and ideas into an efficient solution system.


Each detail is planned and the area as a whole is visualised in a CAD drawing in 2D, 3D and as a video. The different visualisations give a realistic insight into the structure and functionality of the prospective workstation system. The individual work station, the room conditions and the floor plan can all be visualised from any perspective.

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