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Sophisticated and practical.

  • Targets are defined
  • Primary and secondary functions are defined
  • Functional sequences and material flow are defined
  • Interfaces and product integration into their surroundings are clarified
  • Optimal usage of network technology and, if necessary, automation technology is defined
  • User-interfaces are now optimised from an ergonomic and occupational psychology point of view
  • All relevant influencing factors are taken into account

The development of a Nitz Engineering project is carried out according to professional standards of a development process.

Simplified description

  • Situation analysis and definition of goals take place during the planning phase
  • Conceptual design and cost analysis

In what way and by what means can the desired conditions be reached? How should the system be configured and what changes to the surroundings are necessary? Presentation of about 3 alternatives.

  • Evaluation

Evaluation of the conceptual designs in regards to economic and technical factors.

  • Decision and beginning of realisation

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