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Sustainable profitability and financial independence make Nitz Engineering a market leader in industrial facilities (operational centres and electrical laboratories) for all our customers and partners.


All of Nitz Engineering’s partners are at the forefront of its thinking. As a result, we provide a mutual win-win situation. Our partners are quality orientated, innovative and competent.

Processes and innovations

Our solutions stand for quality, reliability, innovation and professionalism.

Staff and learning

We work with motivated, loyal and qualified employees. They happily carry out their work and are constantly looking to develop.


Nitz Engineering’s are of activity is like a coral reef: just like a reef forms from the symbiosis of coral, algae and fish; the success of Nitz Engineering is based on the friendly interaction between employees, customers and suppliers.

Like a coral reef…

… there is indescribable fascination and happiness, Nitz Engineering’s employees consider their work to be casual. They enjoy full freedom, feel well looked after and comfortable. All employees are highly motivated and see their managers as coaches rather than bosses. They are also very loyal and always available. They are well paid and recognised for their achievements and loyalty.

Like a coral reef…

… Nitz Engineering is a synonym for a pleasant, warm and harmonious environment with its offices, workshops, etc. which are equipped with the latest technology. All modern tools are used whilst still maintaining a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Like in a coral reef…

… all creatures support each other but also go their own way, Nitz Engineering’s coaches try to bring about win-win situations for everybody; employees, customers and suppliers. Problem-solving skills, know-how and practical thinking skills have been transferred, through leadership, to all staff. The board of directors don’t spend a long time in the company but business continues to run smoothly.

Like in a coral reef…

… everybody’s efforts are equally important, there is a flat hierarchy at Nitz Engineering. There are employees in all departments who are both professional and personal role models. They complete their tasks with flying colours.

Like a coral reef…

… attracts fish because that is where they will get what they need, Nitz Engineering attracts customers because it provides what they are looking for and they are passionate about the service and products. The name stands for quality, reliability, professionalism and innovation. The clients are connected with the company. But above all, values are ingrained in the company. Nitz Engineering tries to understand, keep in mind and solve their problems.

The sales staff and employees are the eyes and ears of the company. They travel the furthest from the company and return with important information.

Like a coral reef…

… depends on a supply of nutrients from the sea, Nitz Engineering is in constant communication with a network of suppliers. With them, the company offers the best to its customers. And with them, they form fruitful relationships. Such partnerships are growing and make everyone happy.

Like a coral reef…

… feeds a quarter of all marine animals and thus plays a central role in the ecosystem, Nitz Engineering takes its social and environmental commitments seriously.


Nitz Engineering employs a number of qualified employees in the areas of Engineering, design, sakes support, marketing, management and sales.

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